Colloidal silver, Colloidal gold: We provide HIGH QUALITY generators.

Industrial Colloidal Silver Generators Models 600 to 15000

CS-5000 Colloidal Silver Generator

CS-5000 Colloidal Silver Generator

Use our multichannel generators to make thousands of gallons of colloidal silver solution. These generators can make either potable (drinking) water or ionized water for swimming pools, cooling towers and more. See our Water Disinfection Ionizers site for more information about water purification for these purposes.

Our standard single and two channel ionizers have a control box of solid aluminium which is indestructable and fireproof.  We also make smaller volume models such as CS600 (0.6 amps) for hot tubs, CS1000 (1 amp) and CS2000 (2 amps).

All De Luxe Commercial/Industrial Generators include a windowed plastic electronic control box, special transparent flow-cell charging chamber, in-line magnet assembly, removable set of 6″ solid copper electrodes (or pure silver or gold or zinc), Owner’s Manual, ion test kit, Installation and Pool Care booklet, and a 1 Year Warranty. Pumps, holding tanks, filters and tubing are extra. Option of  6″, 12″, or 14″  long electrodes, multiple manifold chamber, UV light.

Model Maximum Capacity
CS-3000 15,000 gallons
CS-5000 25,000 gallons
CS-8000 40,000 gallons
CS-10000 50,000 gallons
CS-12000 60,000 gallons
CS-15000 80,000 gallons

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