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Stericard: Business Card Size Colloidal Generator

Stericard: Business-card size colloidal silver generator

Stericard: Business-card size colloidal silver generator

Stericard business-card-size water purifier for disinfection of drinking water

  • Smallest professional emergency water purification ionizer in the World. Business card size. Provides safe drinking water and beverages for travelers
  • Small, compact, light-weight, convenient for restaurant, beach and bar use to disinfect all beverages. Makes for a lively focus of conversation. Don’t travel anywhere without one. It could save your life.
  • Slim enough (5 mm) to fit in a wallet, purse, pocket, eye-glass case or book.
  • Can disinfect water, juices, tea, coffee, milk, beer, even distilled and reverse osmosis water
  • Wash salads, raw meat and foods with the treated water.
  • Works where UV alone will not, such as in cloudy beverages. Totally safe, whereas Chlorine, Iodine, peroxide etc cause cancer.
  • Filters out chlorine by reducing it to insoluble inert harmless chloride
  • Provides long-lasting residual antimicrobial potency in the treated water for many months because ions and Zeta Potential do not evaporate
  • Makes 1 litre of safe drinking water in 15 minutes.
  • Powered by standard 9 volt alkaline battery available anywhere, or any 6-24 volt DC or AC source
  • Totally immersible. On-board violet light comes on under water. Lamp is unbreakable.
  • UV light on the stericard comes on automatically to help sterilize the water and to verify flow of ions and electric current from the electrodes through the water.
  • Large pure anode electrode (2″ x 2″) for high quality and antimicrobial effectiveness.
  • Sacred geometry, crystal and invocations for protection.
  • Current into the electrodes is controlled by our constant current controlling circuit to an accuracy of 0.1 %, to the proper level of milliamperes, regardless of variations in water conductivity or of applied voltage.
  • Weight = 0.025 kg = 25 grams (without battery).
  • Comes with reinforced rigid battery snap and heavy duty wire for rough use.
  • High quality unbreakable printed circuit board.
  • Costs less than the Steripen
  • Ionization disinfection technology is EPA and WHO approved for safety and efficacy.

Caution:  9 volt batteries when uncovered and in contact with metal coins or jewelry can easily short out in a pocket or suitcase and overheat.

Links and References:

  1. Measuring water conductivity using our conductivity meter
  2. Water ionization science and Zeta Potential.  Hundreds of articles support the effectiveness and safety of ionization
  3. Our blender travel ionizer water sterilizer has more features, such as motorised stirrer and alternating polarity self-cleaning of electrodes
  4. Our larger domestic, commercial and industrial colloidal generators for thousands of litres


Basic model: $98 USD in single quantities.  Mailing and 9v battery are extra.

Deluxe model: $120. Same dimensions, but has 50% larger anode electrode, gold-plated cathode and more powerful germicidal UV light.

Military quality model: Has more powerful ultra-short wave UV light.  Call us for details and pricing.

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