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CS4-1: Four Channel Colloidal Silver Generator

CS4-1 Colloidal silver generator, 4 channels

CS4-1 Colloidal silver generator, 4 channels

Four channels, 1 metal.

Four-channel generator for large volumes of silver.

Each channel is an independent generator capable of making 1 gallon of highest quality CS simultaneously, each with different start and stop times.

4 output connectors for external motorised stirrer plates, constant current control.

Alternating polarity self-cleaning.

4 external motorized stirrer plates included. All electrodes are extra.

All of our generators have automatic constant current control, self-cleaning alternating polarity, modulated broad spectrum high frequency pulses to ensure smallest particle size and water magnetization option for nanometre and angstrom sizes. All of our electrodes are 0.9999 (99.99%) pure precious solid sheet metal ( not jewelers grade).

We purchase all of our power supplies from the top manufacturers. They have the following international regulatory safety approvals suitable for all countries: UL, CUL, CE, TUV, CSA.

All of our generators can be powered from Solar Cells, hand-crank dynamo or automobile battery.

Product ID: CS4-1
Description: CS4-1: Four channel colloidal water generator for silver only
Notes: The basic colloidal generator does not include electrodes, power adapter, magnetic stirrer or zapper. These options can be added according to your requirements.

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