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Safety of Colloidal Mineral Water

Colloidal WaterSafety of NanoSilver Water, or Colloidal Silver

Firstly, a clear distinction must be made between inert, unionized atoms which are safe for drinking, and ionized atoms (ions) which are free radicals and are suitable only for external use.   Silver and gold, in the unionized, metallic, atomic or colloidal form are metabolic catalysts, are not changed by passage through the body, are non-toxic, except to one-celled plants and animals, and are non addicting. Atomic electrically charged, non-ionized silver is a chemically inert catalyst and antioxidant. Without such ultra-trace essential minerals, our ability to resist disease is seriously compromised.

Inside the body, silver atoms form no toxic compounds and cannot react with the stomach’s hydrochloric acid or react with anything other than a microbe’s oxygen-metabolizing enzyme, providing the atoms are small enough to penetrate the microbe, virus, or prion.  There have been no reports of adverse effects from the use of properly prepared colloidal silver water .  Elemental atomic silver is excreted rapidly by the kidneys and does not accumulate in the body.  Argyria (blue skin) has never been reported with silver in the pure metallic or colloidal form, but only when in ionic form combined with protein or an anion such as nitrate.

Colloidal silver water, or NanoSilver water, is rapidly absorbed through the mouth if you let it linger there. It has minimal effects on good  bacteria of the colon because it  is rapidly absorbed into the small intestine and very little arrives in the large intestine or colon. There have been no reports of digestive side-effects; however, you could take acidophyllus, probiotics or yogurt. Some use colloidal silver water in colonic irrigation for lower bowel problems.

Silver has been used by mankind for thousands of years, and there is a great deal of safety information available on the use of silver both internally and externally.

Most of the available test work on silver has been provided through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Unlike other heavy metals, silver is not known to have human carcinogenic potential and does not appear to be a mutagen (RED document, page 3, 3rd paragraph).

“Silver is not toxic to humans and is not known to cause cancer, reproductive or neurological damage, or other chronic adverse effects”. at

Colloidal Silver products, except in the Hydrosol form, have not been approved for sale in Canada. Our colloidal generators will make all of these colloidal mineral waters for water disinfection purposes. We do not sell the colloidal waters.

Safety of Colloidal Silver: 

It has been established by EPA (CASRN 7440-22-4) that it is safe to ingest a daily quantity of 350 mcg (micrograms) This is the amount that is contained in one ounce (30 ml) or in six teaspoonfuls of 10 ppm colloidal silver. 10 ppm is generally produced by 10 hours of charging pure water. 25 ppm is generally produced by 25 hours of charging pure water. 3 teaspoonfuls of 25 ppm contains 375 mcg. It is recommended here not to exceed these doses.

For Clearance From Body, according to the EPA Research and Development report entitled “DRINKING WATER CRITERIA DOCUMENT FOR SILVER” dated January of 1991, on page III-17, paragraph states, “Several studies support the observation that silver is carried in the blood mainly by the globulins and is quickly cleared by the liver, and to a lesser extent by the spleen (Scott and Hamilton, 1950; Furchner et al.)”. “Radioactive 110AG, as silver iodide, was cleared from the blood of a dog and from the blood of rats, in 24 hours (Anghileri, 1969).


Argyria is a blue skin discoloration which may result from ingesting low grade silver ions caused by overdriving silver electrodes.
Silver is nontoxic. Low toxicity of Silver at
In its pure metal or colloidal nano-particle form or in ores, silver does not dissolve, cannot be broken down by stomach acid and is not considered an environmental risk.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that the concentration of silver ions for long term use in public drinking water supplies not exceed 10 milligrams per liter of water — 10 parts per million — because of the skin discoloration that may occur from chronic silver ion exposure.
Silver particles are not ions and are collections (nano-clusters) of atoms.  They carry electrical charge called Zeta Potential, act as catalysts in the body, and do not enter into chemical interactions.  By being smaller than most molecules, they are excreted easily by the kidneys. No one in the last 15 years has developed Argyria taking good quality Colloidal Silver water such as made by our colloidal generator.
Some with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have ingested 8 oz daily for one year of our 30 ppm without adverse effects on skin or on good gut bacteria.
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