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Applications for Colloidal Mineral Waters

Applications for colloidal mineral waters

Health issues that may benefit from colloidal silver

These are just some of the applications for colloidal mineral waters.

  • Purify drinking water
  • Improve health (see benefits)
  • Can be used for specific health issues such as genito-urinary problems (more)
  • Works synergistically with antibiotics
  • Beneficial for animals and pets
  • beneficial for plants (Plants in general need silver and trees often suffer from viruses)
  • Fresh cut flowers last much longer when colloidal silver water is used. Instead of lasting fresh only for 5 days, cut flowers like roses, carnations, orchids, etc. last up to 15 days with colloidal silver water  and other mineral ingredients in a mixture called Electromin-6. Call us to find out more.
  • Industrial/commercial uses:
    • Poultry farms (works synergistically with antibiotics)
    • Race horse farms
    • Fish farms and fish hatcheries, being particularly vulnerable to viruses, could benefit from the regenerating and anti-microbial benefits of silver.
    • Bees are being wiped out by picorna-like viruses which cause a form of Acquired Immune Deficiency which renders them susceptible to bacteria. Silver in the soil would then be available in the honey upon which the bees feed. See New Scientist 29 August 2009 and Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, DO1.1073/pnas.0906970106 and Swiss Bee Research Centre.
    • Purify drinking water
    • See our other website about our industrial/commercial generators to disinfect swimming pools, cooling towers, and more

These are just some of the health conditions that may benefit from colloidal silver:

Note: The information conveyed here is based on records and research for your information which is for horticultural, educational, sacramental and research purposes only. No statement should be taken as medical advice. It is not claimed or implied here that mono-atomic or colloidal mineral waters will cure any disease.

  • Genito-Urinary
  • Aging
  • Aids
  • Alzheimers
  • Argyria
  • Bacteria
  • Difficile
  • Fatigue
  • fungus
  • Hepatitis
  • Herpes
  • Legionella
  • Lyme
  • Prion
  • Sars